Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Written 6 May, 2008


Usually I’m online before Sweetie is, but last night she beat me to the grid.

It took her only seconds to get into trouble.

Here I am saving her from horrible green monsters.

Just kidding.

Last night I joined Sweetie on the Korriban sim, a new and not-yet-finished Start Trek role-playing sim of which impressive pictures are already posted on Flickr. She was in a photographer’s trance, and the nature of the place was such I soon was, too.

Sweetie beckoned me to a cave she had discovered, whereupon I was grabbed by horrible green monsters.

No, no, no. That’s not what happened at all!

The monsters are real enough. But they’re green only because Sweetie had her Mystitool avatar light set on green with intensity and radius far above the norm (think intensity 20 and radius 30 meters).

At Sweetie’s request (for some reason, maybe because I’m handy, she likes to use me a model) I rezzed a “die” poseball, sat on it, and positioned it so I would be in the monsters’ clutches.

And then we both took pictures. I used Outy Banjo’s Auto Emote to give myself an expression of staunch determination. What? You don’t think that’s an expression of staunch determination? Really?

I took several pictures before I realized I had left Highlight Transparent turned on. Those are the snapshots in which I have flaming red hair.

My elaborate Japanese hairdo seems to give me troll ears.

Green skin. Red hair. Troll ears. Now you know why I call this post Shreked.

p.s. Sweetie’s photos are better than mine.

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