Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Asset Server Problems

Written 14 May, 2008

Asset Server Problems

At least three nights lately, about after 9 pm Linden Standard Time, Second Life's asset servers have gone wonky. Financial transactions don't complete, teleportation is almost impossible, objects from Inventory don't rez, scripts and notecards don't open, textures don't load, and objects deleted from the environment remain on the land. Last night I had to work amidst a clutter of a half-dozen Benders and an assortment of Bender parts.

Well, I found a way to get rid of them!  When I turned them temporary, they vanished after a minute and didn't return. Woo hoo!

But more to the point of his post, it's difficult to conceive of a mechanical malfunction (or network failure that would systematically disrupt services at the same time. I suspect Linden Lab isn't telling us the truth about what is happening during many of the downtimes and slowdown times.

I rather suspect the majority of such instances are happening because griefers are making coordinated attacks on the asset servers, overwhelming them with financial transfers, rezzed and deleted objects, or other resource-consuming tactics (or maybe they have other ways to attack).

Linden Lab owes Second Life's citizens a truthful explanation about what is happening.

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