Saturday, May 17, 2008

Script Efficiency

Written 12 May, 2008

Script Efficiency

Last night I found a page on the LSL Wiki that talked about what can lag scripts.

Some things didn’t surprise me.

I knew, for instance, that llListen takes more sever resources than say, llTouch_Start.

But I hadn’t realized physical rotations were laggier than texture rotations or that llSleep is laggy.

I’ve been using llSleep quite a bit.

Last night I modified a tiki bridge that rezzes and becomes solid on touch. I’d been using a prim as a trigger, which spoke to the five five bridge sections which listened for its commands.

Oops! Six scripts! And five of them listening! OMG!

I used an example script from the LSLWiki to replace the six with a single script that sent messages to the entire linkset. I modified it so the trigger (a sign) remained visible, and added commands to turn the bridge Phantom when it was invisible (so boats can pass).

Sigh. Now on to my merry-go-round, which spends a lot of time llSleeping.

Maybe I should be llSleeping.

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