Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sky Pavilions

Written 3 May, 2008

Sky Pavilions

Last week Sweetie and I came across a pair of sky pavilions for $99 (the set). We found them on the Tableau sim at Tiny Seadog (Tableau 171, 83, 22).

With our newfound ability to build above 768 meters, I hung three of them between 1700 and 1800 meters above the beach at Whimsy. One features SL trivia, a second mahjong, and the third a cuddle couch.

They were well-made, but I tweaked them, of course, changing the floor texture, adding flexi curtains, and making the decorations at the top and bottom glow.

Sweetie gets on my case about glow, since she can’t see it, so I use it sparingly. I set them to full bright also, for her benefit.

Now it’s time to make some ridiculous builds above 2000 meters!

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