Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sweetie's Island Designs

Written 4 May, 2008

Sweetie's Island Designs

The arrival of Whimsy Kaboom has given Sweetie and opportunity to see in the virtual world some of the region designs she has been developing in Backhoe.

Now, anyone who knows Sweetie will know of her flair for the dramatic. She is not the sort of bench-sitting wallflower who would make a boring flat landscape. No, her islands wheel and soar, with towering sculptured mountains and underwater paths. Her terraforming is planned and methodical, which, pardoxically, makes the land look randomly created. Her walking paths and spires are just brilliant.

Of course, each new landscape sends us both into a frenzy of creation and rezzing ridiculous items from our inventory. What fun!

Six months ago I insisted Sweetie grab a copy of the free Gaxis cart from the Alstadt sim (or maybe we were at Mooz. Nope! It was at the cart track at Igbo, and they are still out!) Sweetie took one and promptly lost it in her black hole of an inventory. After several days of ferrying her around Kaboom's variously rezzed land masses in my cart and after her remark that she needed to get some sort of ground/underwater vehicle, I insisted she search her inventory for Gaxis. She did, and viola! There it was!

We spent a fun hour chasing across the ground and under the sea, following Sweetie's paths, climbing steep mountains and occasionally straying into Whimsy or Eccentricity Islands. I have photos.

Sweetie's island designs are quite unlike anything else on the market. We will soon have them in vendors in world and on SLExchange and OnRez.

There, now I've said, it! Sweetie will now have to actually set them for sale!

The world needs more Sweetie designs.

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