Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More From Korriban

Here are a couple of great photos my Sweetie took last night on Korriban while I was getting eaten by giant green statues.

Sweetie has a short attention span. For example, my being eaten by monstrous statuary was great fun, but it could hold her for only so long. Then she was off, chasing after an armored-up role player to ask for a portrait (which turned out fabulous, by the way and is now on said avie's profile. When I finally wriggled from the monsters' grasp I had to track her down. I wandered through endless caverns, scales walls of broken-down sculptures, and jump pits filled with molten lava-- but I finally found her, lost in a photographer's haze and about to step onto a trap door. I got to her just in time.

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