Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maryanna's Trench

The Quincy Option

Touch Image to Read Sign

Before Touching the Sign and Making a Choice

Immediately After Touching the Sign and Making a Choice

Written 1 May, 2008

Maryanna's Trench

As the Whimsy rail line ran along the southern edge of the sim and turned left and began to climb, I noticed a low area, framed by an island on our sim and a higher sea floor on Leaf Shermer's adjoining Eccentricity. I could have leveled it, but instead, I deepened it all the way to zero meters and named it Maryanna’s Trench (a play on Marianas, which is the name of the deepest part of Earth’s ocean.

It occurred to me that it would be handy place for Whimsy’s lazy natives to discard all their junk—so the Whimsy Transportation Authority convinced me to build a device to help them.

I made a sign (pictured) and filled it with junk I had unlinked and turned temporary and physical. Visitors or residents can touch the sign and rez piles of junk which appear 10 meters above the sign and come crashing down onto the rail platform (and sometimes the head of the avatar in question). Right now the Whimsy Salvage Machine will rez: a UPS truck (it was Brown that got me started in the demolition business; I love to rez and destroy the freebie trucks); the great spacebug from Privateer Space (a great vehicle and I hated to destroy one, but it makes great junk when dismantled), parts of sunglasses, old floppy disks, an assortment of fish, or a huge pile of steampunk cogs, gears, pipes, and fittings.

It’s fun to stand on the platform and push the junk off into the trench. Especially the dead bodies (choose the Quincy option). The bodies look great scattered all over Whimsy and Eccentricity. Of course, they disappear after a minute or so, since they’re temp objects.

I hope.

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