Friday, May 9, 2008

Robot Mishap

Written 9 May, 2008

Robot Mishap

Rosie the robot (you may remember her from her former employment as the Jetsons' housemaid (has been hanging out at Whimsy, hoping we will hire her to tidy up after us.

I'm not sure what a housemaid would do in SL. Pick up abandoned prims, I suppose. Anyway, we decided to give her a go. And then wouldn't you know it, but ANOTHER Rosie showed up asking for a job. So we hired her to be the first Rosie's supervisor, even though we had a feeling she would be too strict.

She's earning her keep, too. This morning the second Rosie caught the first Rosie being clumsy. I'm afraid she went a bit overboard with her reprimand. We have pictures to prove it. And there's an eyewitness.

So we're going to let Rosie 2 go.

Rosie 2 says it's not her fault, it's the fault of who ever programmed her. Can you believe that excuse?


If you want a Rosie, or both, or the entire scenario. IM me. I built them only this morning and they're not yet set for sale. You can see them for now at Whimsy.

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