Monday, May 12, 2008

Fashion Disaster

Written 6 May, 2008

Fashion Disaster

I came into Nicky Ree’s shop with fresh batteries in my camera and the lens cover already off.

Because Sweetie had IMed me to give me a heads up.

“Fashion emergency!” she warned me.

And indeed, it was!


This woman (we will give her the benefit of the doubt, even considering those broad shoulders) was wearing a skimpy outfit, tons of tattoos, and demo hair. Her eyes were dark slits. And in her hand was a certain er, appliance, in baby blue.

And when her AO caused her to rub her hair, guess which hand went to her head?

When Sweetie and I see people who are in obvious need of fashion help, we offer advice and free outfits. This case, however, was terminal.

“Our kindnesses will be better spent elsewhere,” I said.

“Agreed,” said Sweetie. “Can I cut off her head?”

One of my favorite websites is SL Fashion Police, which I came to by way of my friend Melissa Yeuxdoux’s blog. SLFP is screamingly funny and totally politically incorrect, as it makes fun of the cartoonish, buffoonish, and just plain unfashionable ways people proportion and decorate their avatars.

But then again, no one is born with an avie that is shaped like an upside-down pear or dressed like a blingtard, so maybe the fashion police’s suspects are more than deserving of the considerable derision they elicit.

I sure hope I never wind up in a fashion police lineup!


Peter Stindberg said...

You are far too stylish to ever appear there. and yes, it's one of my fav sites too, and I even reported on occasion to them (though nothing was published yet).

TheDiva Rockin said...

Nice catch! I keep my distance when any perp has an object which could be used as a weapon, especially when that potential weapon is used! Ewwwww.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks so much, Peter. But those fashion police are on the ball! One slip up and my goose is cooked!

Hiya, The Diva-- how can I submit articles to you. Can I, can I, can I please be a junior G-man?

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

I guess I'm like the people who read the obituaries in the paper first thing in the morning to check whether they're in them. I read SL Fashion Police, amusement mixed with waiting for the hammer to fall. :)