Thursday, February 14, 2008

Windlight-- And Happy Valentine's Day!

 Written 14 February, 2008 (1:15 am)

Windlight-- and Happy Valentine's Day!

The Lindens have been tweaking Windlight for nearly a year now, and I suspect it's getting close to a general release.

I am astounded by WL's visuals, but it was crashing quite a bit and ever since I got the great Nicholaz no-hair-up-your-butt viewer, I've let WL lie fallow.

Through two or three revisions, I've let it lie fallow.

I downloaded the newest of the new versions last night and loved Windlight anew. Some perspective looks extremely like real life!

I went gridhopping, and wonder of wonders (perhaps it was only chance), my hair and shoes did not go up my butt.

It was a bit frustrating having to deal again with the Detach Keys button at lower left, which I always manage to hit by mistake, disolodging all my huds, and with the _#$%P)& Communicate button instead of Friends and IM, and I was not able to put on prim attachments by double clicking, which I had gotten quite used to with Nicholaz, but I was thrilled to discover that my hair and shoes remained where they were supposed to be over six jumps. Perhaps it was mere chance, but I have hopes that perhaps the Lindens have finally fixed that problem.

Here are two photos of my neighbor Leaf's new pagoda, one taken with Windlight and one with "traditional" Second Life graphics. The difference is astounding.

p.s. Sweetie is fascinated by the roof of Leaf's pagoda. When I noticed she has wandered away, I can usually find here there, studying it.

p.p.s. Happy Valentine's Day, all you lovers!

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