Monday, February 11, 2008


Written 11 February, 2008


It was a great Sunday night. Sweetie and I had watched a great movie and now were cuddling on a rug in front of the fireplace at the House of 1000 Pleasures.

It's a freebie fireplace, but nice, and we had both tweaked it-- me to add a nice crackling sound and tree ring textures to the ends of the logs, and Sweetie to add lights and improve the general aesthetic.

We were feeling all comfy and cozy and then it happened.

I saw a blue line and knew Sweetie was tweaking the fireplace.

That got me to wondering if the fireplace was scripted to turn on and off. So I said in chat, blow.

And the fireplace disappeared.

Well, it didn't disappear, for it wasn't there when I highighted transparent. It was gone!

Oh, shit!

It was clear Sweetie had not accidentally sent the fireplace flying across the sim, for she was nowhere near the Position box when the fireplace vaniished.

That meant I had done it.

When I chatted blow, a script in the fireplace-- the free LSL candle script, I think, had told the entire linked set to die-- and it did, just like that.

No fireplace. Not in trash, nowhere. It was just gone.

It didn't take us long to whip out a replacement and tweak it half to death, but darn it!

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