Saturday, February 23, 2008

And What Form Will It Take?

Written 23 February, 2008

And What Form Will It Take?

Several people have asked in comments what the new island might be like. And my friend Melissa Yeuxdoux has said as beautiful as Pele is, it would be a shame in a way not to work Sweetie's whimsy, and mine, on the new land. She would like to see what we come up with.

I'm not exactly sure, because I rarely work from a plan. I am a happening in action. Pele, for instance, just became. I had no idea the land would turn out as it did. I was just looking for a place to live-- and, after I saw the volcano, a place for Pele to live.

Pele has grudingly agreed to move, so it will be incombent upon me to create space she finds comfortable. So there must be a volcano in the new place. And I suspect there will be coral and sand a low altitudes, but making sand look lush is a difficult thing in a world in which prims are limited, so I expect there will be some sort of verdant texture at altitudes more than 3 meters above sea level.

But I don't think the new land will be just like Pele. We'll just have to see.

But I can assure you it won't be flat and boring!

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