Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SL Merchants are the Best

Written 13 February, 2008

SL Merchants are the Best

In his comment on my Customer Service post, my friend Tycho Beresford remarked that the majority of his experiences with the merchants of Second Life have been good.

So have mine.

When I lost a no-copy hovercraft in a sim crossing, maker Sinatra Cartier was kind enough to give me a second. Later I bought his scooter and eventually had an unfortunate accident at the intersection of the Forsaken, Cauldron, and Forgotten Legends sims and lost it. He replaced that, too, no questions asked..

I’ve gone to makers about clothing that didn’t work right—the most usual occurrence being tight, no-mod skirts that didn’t come with glitch pants—and they have without fail worked with me, either making glitch pants or giving me a modifiable version.

And I have had Kitto Flora, the maker of the Pele train, to my land on five separate occasions to solve problems with the circuit. He always comes promptly, fixed the mess, and refuses to take money.

I’m impressed by and large by SL merchants—and I am astounded by the creativity of their products and by the extraordinary level of commerce. Everyone, it seems, has something to sell.

I love that.

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