Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Canoeing at Pele

Note Gypsy's Blue Swim Ball Near the Canoe

Written 26 February, 2008

Canoeing at Pele

The other day I found myself at Gypsy Gadgets. I found for sale escalators (the ones that let you actually ride up and down), ropes and ladders you can climb, a swim ball, and a canoe. There was also a gadget that made the earth move; it made me queasy.

I bought the rope (visitors to Pele can now climb to the top of the giant tiki man), a swim ball rezzer, and a canoe rezzer.

The swim balls are different than the other swim animations I’ve come across, for you are not anchored in one. You sit on the ball, which gives you a choice of a breast stroke and crawl animations, and then swim all over the sim. The ball disappears when you stand up. And because it’s a rezzer, any number of avs can swim at the same time.

I put several of Gypsy’s swim balls on Pele. One is beside the little pier at East Beach.

The canoe rezzer is also beside the pier. Two avies can ride. The canoe is beautifully designed and textures, with great paddling animations and a gentle splashing sound, and is a dream to drive. It’s modifiable, too, which means Sweetie can work her wiles upon it.

Thanks, Gypsy, for coming out to Pele to help me with the rezzer.

My neighbor Leaf has been working on two 4k parcels she recently purchased. When she tried the canoe, she reworked her waterways so her parcel is navigable. It’s possible to paddle all over Forsaken now, except of course, on the 4k that belongs to the sociopaths. All of Forsaken (except the sociopathic parcel) is beautiful and serene, with peaceful birdcalls and ambient sounds.

So bring your honey and take the canoe ride! And swim around a bit while you’re there. And if you’re not afraid of heights, climb the rope to the top of Mr. Tiki and look around at beautiful Pele.

Gypsy, you make great stuff—although I’m reserving my opinion about the earth-shaking device.

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