Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Customer Service

Written 12 February, 2008

Customer Service

[20:07] Natasha Oh: Hi
[20:07] Cheyenne Palisades: Hi
[20:07] Natasha Oh: I bought your fat pak Asian screens from slexchange
[20:08] Natasha Oh: they are beautful
[20:08] Cheyenne Palisades: thank you.
[20:08] Natasha Oh: very beauutiful
[20:08] Natasha Oh: but you can not modify them
[20:08] Natasha Oh: to make them larger
[20:08] Cheyenne Palisades: oh.
[20:08] Cheyenne Palisades: let me check perms and i will send you a set that are modify
[20:08] Cheyenne Palisades: I'll change perms and send you a set
[20:09] Cheyenne Palisades: And take a look at the ad and maybe change the vendors
[20:09] Natasha Oh: GREAT!!!!
[20:14] Cheyenne Palisades: Here you go
[20:14] Cheyenne Palisades: I think I will change the perms in the machines, as it makes sense for people to be able to resize them
[20:15] Cheyenne Palisades: Thank you for calling this to my attention
[20:15] Natasha Oh: thank you soo much
[20:15] Natasha Oh: you have a lovely day
[20:15] Natasha Oh: and happy valentines day
[20:15] Cheyenne Palisades: You too :)


Tycho Beresford said...

Fortunately most of my Customer Service experiences in-world have been of the Cheyenne variety rather that of the Buns variety. Last summer when the asset servers were acting up I lost an expensive item to them the day after I bought it, and the vendor cheerfully sent me another!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Tycho, you have been reading my mind as well as my blog. I have been working on a post about how very good 98% of SL's merchants are about satisfying their customers. :)