Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Written 4 February, 2008


The weather at Pele is exemplary, sunny and tropical except for the brief Dreamland winter. Occasionally, I realize there hasn’t been a weather event for a month or so and whip one up.

I had such a realization yesterday: ever since the melting of the dreamland snow, it had just been one damn perfect day in paradise after another. So I pulled out my weather machine and whipped up a great storm that dumped six inches of virtual rain on the island and blew two coconut trees apart with lightning strikes.

Even though I pull it out only a couple of times a season, I love my weather machine. It’s quite powerful, with clouds that cover, at maximum setting, more than half the sim. Unlike the eruption smoke from the volcano, which disappears at a distance of 25 meters or so, he rain, snow, and fog can be seen at any distance. Two machines (they’re copyable) will cover all of Pele, and more.

My machine is the WeatherSystem 1.29, made by Damanios Thetan. It can be purchased at his sim of Damanios. I don’t remember the price, but I’m sure it was less than $2000L.

What the heck, jumped to get the SLURL and price. You can buy the weather system here, and the price is $1500L.

Damanios upgrades the system regularly, and it does more neat stuff now than it did when I got it. The clouds, for instance, can not take on a hue when hit by the rays of the rising or setting sun. Snow accumulates on the ground. Neat stuff.

It doesn’t rain frogs like the $7000L system my SL brother Dodgeguy used to have, but it doesn’t everything but. It’s a great job of scripting. Thank you, Damanious, for making my seocond life... wetter.

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