Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Rest My Case

Following is a comment left by Buns Liberty of B&B Aquarium, RE my Flat Fish post.

It pretty much reflects the lectures I got from her when I contacted her about my purchase.

As you can see, she is all about blaming the customer.

I rest my case.

I feel I need to defend myself here. I am Buns Liberty, the proud owner of B&B Aquarium.

First of all I would like to stress that ALL of our animals are out on display for the customers viewing.

So you don't like 1 prim flat fish, that's great. Really you are entitled to your opinion. The fact that I've sold over 7,500 of these fish in less than a year leads me to believe SOME people like my art work.

I find it curious that you would go into a store, spend the time to make the purchases but not turn your avie around or use your pointer to actually look at the items you are receiving.

It makes me laugh really. This lady is unhappy as they come. I think the fact that you have a blog to post all your horrible experiences speaks volumes for your character. Are you really that pathetic in life that you have nothing better to blog about than a bad experience in a virtual worlds online store? I mean really. All the bullshit that goes on in the world and this is what you blog about?

If this lady would have taken the time to look at what she was purchasing this would be a non-issue.

I have thousands of happy customers. Receive props daily from people. You just can't please them all and this lady is the prime example of that.


Corgi said...


Nothing like changing person in mid-sentence. It's like she's turning her head to speak to somebody else in mid-scorn.

Quaintly said...

So sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience shopping! I've generally had good experiences with designers -- most are very kind and helpful.

However, there was one who didn't respond to notecard, IMs, or email... concerning non-delivery of a purchase :( But I suppose it is better to have no response than to have an offended, defensive response!