Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Island in My Future

36,000 Sq. M. Paradise For Sale!

Please disregard rumors that a new volcano is forming. What do geologists know?

Written 19 February, 2008

An Island in My Future

At long last, I’ve come up with enough money to pay for a private island! Some time later this year, maybe next month, maybe later, Sweetie and I will be moving to our very own sim!

I love Pele and I like the Forsaken sim, but there are frustrations and restrictions when one owns land. Whether it’s on the mainland or on a private estate, there are inconveniences and difficulties. The mainland is unregulated, but the trade off is ugly and, usually, lag. Private estates tend to be pretty, but they have restrictive covenants.

But an island! It would be my little fiefdom.

And I’m just so sure I would be a benevolent dictator!

It will be difficult to give up Pele! It’s so beautiful, so peaceful (except when the volcano erupts!), so quirky. Perhaps someone will buy it lock, stock, and barrel!

Consider that a hint!

I could order a new island, but I’m looking for a sim under the old tier payment system, $195 a month. And, due, to terraforming restrictions and ugly ground textures, I don’t want mainland. So I’m looking for a private island with a $195 tier.

If you know of one, won’t you please tell me about it?

And if you should need a 36,000 square meter tropical estate with ocean on three sides, the best volcano in Second Life, beautiful gardens and lush underwater areas, a rail system, caverns, a rental community built around a pretty little lake, beach camp, and floating night club, all beautifully soundscaped and landscaped with signage, a sim-wide teleport system, and lots of quirky builds (zip line, well of death, playground, community center), I’m your girl!

I’m willing to sell Pele with all possessions remaining (except the house Sweetie built for me, which she insists is mine only), and make sure there is an orderly transition.

Just IM Cheyenne Palisades.


Corgi said...

Hmmm... [considers appropriate comment]


Ah, yes: SQUEEE!

Or, if you're in Steelhead, HOOO!

Are you thinking of doing a repro of Pele (goddesses can be anywhere they want, after all) or doing something Completely Different?


vint falken said...

Congratulations! I'm curious what you will make of it. =)

Tycho Beresford said...

Hmmm, Cheyenne leaving just as a new volcano is forming. Coincidence? I think not. :) Best of luck in your Island Paradise. I'm sure it will be a blast!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Yeah, Tycho, I"ve been meaning if you wanted to move your house a little further away from the lava beds.