Saturday, September 25, 2010


Written 25 September, 2010


Leaf's concert came off beautifully tonight.

For the past week she was fretting, as we were awaiting a move of the Whimsical Mischief sim to fill out a block of four. Mischief was delivered around midday (for me) the day before the concert, and that sent Leaf scurrying to take care of a wheelbarrow load of details.

I helped when I could--making signs and a landmark giver, sending notices to my groups, and, with Sweetie, popping off fireworks after the show, but Leaf did all the heavy lifting. For sure.

The concert was amazing. There were about 70 avatars on the four sims-- a good number, but fortunately, not enough to crash any of them. The band told her the previous two sets had resulted in crashed sims-- in one case requiring an emergency relocation.

The band was, of Course, The Follow, doing the final performance of their Virtual World Tour. They did a great set. It was the first time I heard their music (aside from a single song I had downloaded from their site), and I liked it a lot.

We concluded the show with fireworks, with Sweetie and I popping them off on all four sims.

The photos are below the fold.

The Follow Was (Were?) In Rare Form

The Crowd Was Large, About 70 Avatars

My Viewer Was Set to Render Only 50
So Some Unfortunates Never Rezzed
The Setting Was Beautiful
I Had Lots of Fun Playing With Windlight Skies

Sweetie and I Had Happy Feets
The Band Played for About 90 Minutes...
... After Which Sweetie and I
Set Off A Ton of Fireworks!
Thanks to the Follow and Leaf Shermer for a great experience!

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