Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Follow Concert On Our Sims!

Written 18 September, 2010

The Follow Concert On Our Sims!

Quick, write this down! Friday the 24th of September, 9 pm Linden Time, on Leaf Shermer's sim Eccentricity.

Here's the SLURL. Or you can just jump to any sim on our grid and find your way there. It won't be hard to find!

The band The Follow will be playing live. Eccentricity is the final stop of their world tour in a day.

Leaf is expecting a considerable crowd, so the event will span four sims on our little block of six: Eccentricity, Whimcentricity, Whimsical Mischief, and Idiosyncrasy.Sound will be piped to all six sims.

Please plan to attend and rock out with us. And do come early and stay late.

There will be fireworks after the concert.

The Follow

The Follow, consisting of Troy Ricketson (voice and guitar), Amy Ricketson (bass and keyboards), and Mat Matlack (percussion), has been performing for more than twenty years and has released six studio albums.The band cites its musical influences as U2, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd.

The Follow is has been in Second Life since 2009. The show on Whimcentricity is part of their eco-friendly world tour, five shows in five countries in one day!

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