Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair Fair 2010

Written 6 September, 2010

Hair Fair

Sweetie and I went to the Hair Fair (briefly) on Sunday. Even though most avatars were being sensible with their attachments, the server lag was horrible. When I finally got a successful teleport to one of the sims, it took me forever to make my way to Sweetie.Then, when I tried on a hairdo, she couldn't see it. Even after a relog and cache flush and with other avatars derendered, she couldn't see it. So we came home.

It's unfortunate that the very success of something in Second Life dooms it. As soon as people start to show up, the experience becomes frustrating. I sure home one day we'll be able to see bunches of people together, being able to move and having a good time without having to take off and turn off HUDS and attachments.

It's a limitation of the technology, I know, but still...

On the other hand, I DID get a fabulous new hairdo!

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