Monday, September 13, 2010


Written 13 September, 2010


I'm flying home tomorrow, after being away for a month. Because I was stupid and clicked the wrong box, my flight is at 7:15 am. We have to get up EARLY!

But the change in the title refers to our little bloc of sims.

Our sim neighbor Leaf Shermer has been planning to add two sims-- a homestead and an openspace. When our friend Michel read of leaf's plans (I sent a group message to Whimsy residents), she IMed me; she had been thinking of giving up her Whimsical Mischief sim and the upcoming change seemed timely.

So Mischief will be relocated to a spot south of Whimsy Kaboom and west of Whimcentricity, and leaf's openspace will go to the south of it. After the end of the month, when Michel's rental period is up and she has picked up her prims, we'll re-terraform. I just made and e-mailed Michel a RAW file of Mischief's terrain so she can get her land configuration back if she ever gets another sim.

A strange thing-- after teleporting to Mischief to save the RAW file, I could see Whimsy in the distance to the south. Ordinarily, Whimsy is unviewable from Mischief and vice-versa. Here's a photo of Mischief from Whimsy.


Anonymous said...

Dangit Chey,
I haven't been able to log in to SL for months!! I just crash at log in. Halp!

Anyway, I miss you *waves* and hope to find a way to get in to say hello in virtual person.

I couldn't find a way to email you so this is the next best thing I guess. :P
Ashera :)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

No WONDER I've not seen you around!

You should submit a ticket to Linden Lab to see if there's a reason you can't log in (possible reasons: you owe them money, your avi didn't get logged out properly, you've been a VERY bad girl and got zapped). You might also uninstall and reinstall your viewer and try other viewers like Imprudence or the new Phoenix and Emergence. Good luck!

My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

even if you aren't a premium member actively anymore - if your credit card expires you cant log in till it upgrades. the threw me for a loop once.