Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweetie's High Altitude Photography

Written 20 August, 2010

Sweetie's High Altitude Photography

I just found a folder parked on the desktop of my laptop. It contained snapshots from Second Life sent to me in Skype by Sweetie (my desktop was running so slowly I was using the laptop for Skype while in world and the photos she sent me wound up there).

All but one of the shots were taken during our last high flight adventure. I think they're great and hope you do, too.

It's amazing what one million meters and an overheating iBook can do to your video display, Check Sweetie's blockhead!

Sweetie turned her interface on for this shot. If you zoom the photo, you should be able to read the 1,000,000 m altitude on her top bar.

And here's the bonus: Sweetie took this photo of a visitor to Whimsy named BagPie Fadoodle. Be sure to click the picture to enlarge it, so you can see the detail in the avatars eyes.

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Brinda said...

Hmmm...I've always heard one can go high enough to distort avatar..never tried to go that high...interesting images