Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to InWorldz

Written 3 August, 2010

Back to In Worldz

Yesterday Sweetie read about a spectacular steampunk sim in Second Life, so as soon as she got home from work we logged in.

We never found the place, but we did wind up in Victoriana, where we ran into owner LittleBlackDuck Lindsay, who in the short time since he left Second Life, has recreated his Second Life Victoriana and Tinytoriana sims. He's probably two weeks from being finished-- if builds are ever "finished."

In March, Lindsay left Second Life in a huff over issues in his sims, including asset server and permissions problems, and Linden Lab's lack of response to his support tickets. He was also concerned about DMCA issues. I can't seem to locate his widely-distributed notecard, but you can read about it at this bastion of journalistic integrity.

Duck told us a lot of creative folks from Second Life are moving to InWorldz. "Most of the people coming over are content creators."

That may well be true; the next sim we stumbled across belonged to Julia Hathor, where she has for sale many of the flowers, trees, and animals she first developed in Second Life. I took the photo at the top while we were there.

This bodes well for InWorldz. Now I've seen content there that rivals any in Second Life. It may well be THE alternate grid.

InWorldz isn't fully functional yet. Scripts reset at sim crossings (what a pain for AOs!), there are no physics for vehicles, and avatar physics act strangely at times (making your legs go horizontal, for instance). It's impossible to walk across a barrier higher than .3 meters or so, meaning you have to jump over curbs-- and jumping in InWorldz seems awkward. But it seems at least 85% there.

Sweetie and I will be keeping an eye on InWorldz to see if existing problems are resolved and how content develops.

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Dale Innis said...

Yeah, IW is great fun as long as you come in with the right expectations; it's a bunch of people pioneering and experimenting and finding (and sometimes fixing!) OpenSim bugs, hanging out together, laughing at the quirks and building stuff. As long as you don't come in expecting something smooth and finished and shiny and always-professional. :)