Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogger Worries

Written 29 August, 2010

Blogger Worries


It's 4 am. I've been up since one, fooling with Blogger.

I tried the new templates, but the page elements didn't fit right; the larger pictures went right through them. And somehow I got two copies of all the blogs on the page and couldn't delete the second one.

And I wiped out the familiar yellow color along the left margin and can't get it back.

By searching the HTML code, I finally zapped the code for the second copy of all the blogs, and the blog looks itself again-- except for that white left column.

I think I'll call it a day-- or a night-- and hope one of my readers can give me a suggestion about how to get things back to normal.

My purpose of messing with the blog was to add a background image. No luck there, either. And so to bed for me.


Brinda said...

Boy I sure couldn't help....
I tried to update mine some months ago...didn't like the "new" couldn't find the "saved :-( "
I just flat got lucky when clicking stuff desperately and my current template came up.
S.O.S rather be lucky than good!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I'm getting there, Brinda!