Sunday, July 18, 2010


Written 18 July, 2010


Until recently I relied on my first optical mouse, a handsome early Logitech model that lit up when I moved it.

Finally, after many tens or hundreds of thousands of mouse clicks, the left button became erratic. The switch just wore out. As there was no easy way to get to it, and since mice are cheap, I retired it and bought a new cordless Logitch optical mouse.

It's been great, but recently it began to malfunction in the same way as the original. Double left clicks wouldn't open files, and when I selected text it would deselect as if I had let up on the button.

I went so far as to find a replacement at Fry's as was on the verge of ordering, but waited. And I'm glad I did.

I pulled the mouse's dongle from my USB hub and plugged in the cordless mouse from my laptop. And guess what!? I was still getting stickymouse syndrome!

Or maybe unstickymouse syndrome, since the left switch wasn't reading reliably.

And then-- finally-- I realized the problem was limited to Second Life. It didn't happen with any other program.

So, it's a problem with Second Life, and I find myself wondering whether there was actually a problem with my original mouse.

Do you have stickmouse? If so, keep your mouse and dump Second Life!

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