Monday, July 26, 2010

More Regions Per Sever in Second Life

Written 26 July, 2010

More Regions Per Server in Second Life

This mornig I came across this post by Ferd Frederix pointing out that a survey of Linden Lab's servers shows a decided increase in the number of regions per server-- double, in fact, from four regions/server to eight in almost 10% of the servers.

The eight region servers are almost certainly on the Lab's new, higher power machines, but still-- isn't it about time for the Lindens to acknowledge the increase power of computers over the past what-- six years-- and give us a little more processing ability, at least for full regions. There's no question mark on that sentence because it really isn't a question. It's a declaration. Yes, it's about damn time for an upgrade!

It's past past time for a significant increase in prim limits and the server power to render them.

And huh, shouldn't the Lindens also reflect the decreased price and increased performance of servers by significantly cutting our tier-- by a third, at least. That one isn't a question, either. Yes, they damn well should!

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Yordie Sands said...

I've wondered about this issue. Thanks for raising the alert. In an era of awful lag (I won't start ranting), I've wondered if Linden servers can take advantage of the power to improve performance. It's hard to imagine an architecture that couldn't be improved with more computing power. It would be awful to think that the new power is just being used to generate more and more SL real estate.