Monday, July 19, 2010

Chey Hunts for Her AO

Written 19 July, 2010

Chey Hunts For Her AO

Sooo, I was changing clothes for horse riding and I detached-- I thought-- my animation overrider so it wouldn't interfere with the horse's movement. And it all went wonky.

My AO, of course, can be turned on and off, but I keep a sexy walk script stuffed in it so I won't do the newbie waddle when I turn the AO off. But the walk interferes with the horse.

I fixed that, but for now-- missing no copy AO!

So, SL seemed laggy. I was attaching prims for boots and hats and hair and coat tails, and they weren't attaching.

When Sweetie and I got to Caledon and it became apparent we would be walking, I went to my inventory to reattach my AO. And it wasn't there.

Oh, it probably just got dropped in some random folder. I searched for it, no dice.

Uh-oh. I was starting to get worried.

In the past I've found random things in prims on my land or in prims I'm wearing. So I looked in the root prims of my hair, hat, boots, coat tails, jewelry-- no AO.

I searched my landing point in Caledon-- no AO.

I looked in my inventory at the perms of my previous outfit. None were no copy, which meant they couldn't be housing my AO, which would have changed their perms.

When I got home I looked in every object about. No AO.

Okay, time for the big guns.

I pulled out Thomas Conover's Advanced Object Scanner HUD. It costs $L400 and is damn well worth it.

I first searched a 96 meter radius centered at the place I was dressing. No result.

Then I searched the entire sim. It takes about five minutes, as it works all the way up to 4096, but I wanted that AO. There it was!

I touched the option to rez a laser finder and sat on it so it would transport me to the HUD. Except it didn't. Instead, the HUD said "Object No Longer In Sim." This is what is says when I try to find an object in the results list which I've already deleted or taken But I hadn't deleted or taken the AO, so WTF??

I did a second search, and the HUD again showed in the results list. And sitting on the laser finder again resulted in an object no longer in sim message.

So then I looked at the location of the HUD in the results list.


Uh-oh. I knew I was going to have to take a trip to the blue zone.

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