Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post-Rescuscitation Babbling

Written 27 July, 2010

Post-Rescuscitation Babbling

When Sweetie came to, she was a bit out of her mind. That's the only way I can explain the following conversation:

Sweetie: Good grief, we slid in those tubes like on ice!

Chey: Very low friction in the water.

Sweetie: You could make these human.... uh that ice game you like... curling. Human curling stones. Bash each other. Shoot for the target. Knock each other off the board. Water curling of death!

Sweetie: Oooh, I wonder if you could script something so if it hits a sim border it bounces back. Like if you hit 256 on any coordinate you bounce back. Then you could make innertube handball. We could have obstacle courses. Innertube slalom. Though that is boooorrring compared to intertube curling!

Chey: Innertube bowling. Or innertube buoyling.

Sweetie: Ooooohhhh! A natural fit! Innertube croquet. Knock your partner through the hoop. in teams of two. It's all the rage. Make them steam-powered innertubes. Caledon goes mad at the beach!

Chey: Giant innertube racing, Damn the snails!

She snapped out of it when I showed her the photo of her in the water and asked her if it was okay to publish it.

Sweetie: Since it hides my face, you may use it to publicize my untimely demise. It will free me up for some serious shopping therapy before I emerge again to fight crime. Even spies need a vacation. Especially celebrity fashionista spies!

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