Sunday, July 18, 2010

Second Life Frustrates

Written 18 July, 2010

Second Life Frustrates

Sweetie and I took time off from our secret project today to play.

We planned to go riding in Caledon, so I put on my best equestrian gear and proceed to detach my animation overrider, since it contains a separate sexy walk script.

Just as I was preparing, Second Life got stupid. Prims from inventory wouldn't attach and textures wouldn't rez.

When we arrived in Caledon, Sweetie wanted to walk, so I detached my faithful CheyAppaloosa and attached my AO hud.

No it didn't! And why, you may ask? Because it wasn'st there!

I did a select surround of my landing spot in Caledon to make sure the AO wasn't there. It wasn't. Then, as Sweetie and I explored, I looked systematically in the contents of the root prims of every object I was wearing-- my hair, may hat, my earrings, my jodphurs, my boots, my Mystitool, my AutoEmoter and HUD compass. No AO.

I eventually put the matter aside and Sweetie and I explored Sextan Shepherd's store.

Then, after a short break, we went to Ballet Pixelle to see their new show, Avataria.

I turned off my facelight and put my Mystitool in sleep mode, set my draw distance to 30 meters, and prepared to see the show.

The show went on as scheduled, but I didn't see it. Nor did I hear it.

There were only about 30 avatars present, and the sim seemed to be moving along at a reasonable clip, but I absolutely wasn't able to function. The dancers were ghosted, the music played once a minute or so for five seconds, and the video (backgrounds were done via video) froze me up. I couldn't open my inventory window or an IM window without having to take a break.

So, I left after the second act with absolutely no idea what the show was about. It's a shame, for clearly a lot of people went to a lot of trouble. I'm only now starting to get an idea about the nature of the show by reading the program, which refused to rez in situ.

I'm not sure if anybody was able to actually see the show. Sweetie couldn't, and our friend Serenek couldn't. What a waste of talent!

When we got home Sweetie put out some sculpted grasses she had bought on our rounds. I was unable to see it adequately (maybe because it was set to 90% alpha! She went to bed early in frustration.

After our return home, I pulled out my handy prim finder (Conover's) and searched the entire sim for my AO. No results, but that was because I had forgotten the name. A second search found it, but when I sat on the locator to get a ride to it, Conover's gadget decided the AO wasn't in the sim.


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