Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Written 27 July, 2010


I warned Sweetie about that windsetter!

No longer content with the vagaries of the Second Life wind, Sweetie relies heavily upon the use of a windsetter when sailing her Flying Tako.

Last night she wanted to take a quick spin.

Ha! Quick spin!

Well, at least she didn't beach us like last time.

The problem with Sweetie's use of the windsetter is she doesn't believe in single digits. She sets the speed to 20 or 30 knots and we literally fly over the waters.

Eventually, there was bound to be disaster.

So there we were, far beyond the sim boundaries, with Sweetie's Tako sinking fast.

I pulled out the first reasonable thing I found, which was my adaption of a freebie inner tube by Ben Linden.

So there we were, marooned.

Sweetie peered into the horizon, hoping to spot a passing ship. No luck.

I cammed back, hoping to spot land, but saw only empty ocean. But when I set my draw distance to 512 meters, there was the eastern edge of Whimsy Kaboom! (If you click on the photo to zoom it, you should be able to spot us midpicture, just to the right of the second wave from the bottom).

It was just in time, too, for Sweetie had been drinking seawater, with predictable results.

Fortunately the tube had a motor system, and I was able bump Sweetie and her tube back to Kaboom, where, after changing clothes, I applied artificial respiration.

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