Friday, July 9, 2010

Fireworks on the Beach

Photo: Sweetie made a beautiful effect by placing a huge fireworks pinball under the water off Whimsy's shore.

Written 9 July, 2010

Fireworks on the Beach

After the concert everybody, including Louis and Isabelle, crawled through Pandora Wiggleworth's great tiny teleport door to the platform Sweetie and I had built on the beach. None of us were tinies, but it was nevertheless fun to see everyone's butts as they crawled into nothingness.

Down at the platform we waited ten minutes while everyone rezzed in and set their preferences.

I had made up instructions for setting graphics preferences on both 1.9x and 2.x viewers. Here they are:

Since Sweetie had orchestrated the show last year, she graciously allowed me to orchestrate this year's fireworks show. While she stayed on the decks,

I stood on an alpha platform across the sim line in Kaboom and, wearing two HUDS and touching a variety of rezzers on the ground, I set off fireworks-- slowly, at first, and then faster, in keeping with very 4th of July march music Sweetie had dug up.

Here are some photos:

And of course there were American flags!

It was quite a show. I can't wait to do it again!

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