Wednesday, July 7, 2010

... And a Good Time Was Had By All!

Written 7 July, 2010

... And a Good Time Was Had By All!

It was a crummy time to have a party in Second Life.

I mean, it was a holiday weekend, at least in the U.S. People had obligations with family and friends.

And, because our performer had a real-life situation that didn't allow him to come at the originally scheduled time, it was too late in the day for our European friends to attend.

And yet lots of people came, and we all had a grand time!

My slightly manic partner-- Sweetie-- had finally achieved her fourth rez day. Since she likes music and shit that blows up, I thought, hmmm, what better than a combination rez day party / concert / fireworks show. And so that's what I put together.

When I told her what I had in mind, my wonderful neighbor Leaf Shermer dropped $10,000L on me to hire a musician.

Wow! That was incredibly kind! I was flabbergasted, but composed myself and IMed Isabelle Brucado, the in-world publicist and manager of Second Life musician Louis Volare, and booked him.

In real life, Louis Volare is Louis Landon; a post that follows will talk about him a bit.

We began to set up the venue for the concert; this required expanding the dance platform that floats high above Whimsy. I removed the simple columns holding up the Intan singles and couples balls and replaced them with dual Gorts the robot. I put out chairs and couches and champagne and snacks and removed the Sue Stonebender piano bought back in 2006. I've had that thing for years, and only noticed that day how huge it was-- almost as tall as an avatar!

I put in its place a beautiful harpsichord from Alchemy Immortalis, and thought I was done.

When Sweetie arrived in world that evening she told me a harpsichord wouldn't do at all for a pianist. I took it up, and while I was looking on XStreet for a grand piano, she began sliding furniture around as if she were working on a 15 puzzle. When she was done everything was to my eye in approximately the place it had been, and she was happy because she was convinced it wasn't.

I wound up buying a wonderful if expensive piano from Musical Alchemy. And after all that, Louis wound up using his own. Oh, well!

The next day saw me putting in decks at the edge of Whimsy for the fireworks show. When Sweetie came in world she moved everything around until she was satisfied with the arrangements.

Chey scouts Whimsy's western edge for a good spot to set up decks for the fireworks show (Photo by Sweetie)

Sweetie and I spent Saturday checking to see if there were updates for our fireworks and setting up for the show that would follow the concert.

We took a break for supper and a nap, and then it was showtime!

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Mairenn said...

I am so sorry I missed it! A belated Happy Rez Day to Sweetie!!