Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tiki Man

Written 13 June, 2007

Tiki Man

Sweetie had the bright idea of putting a tiki man over the tunnel into which Pele's little train dives when it leaves the Gardens and dives into the Forsaken River. She made a mouth, complete with tongue and teeth, making the descent majorly scary as the train disappeared into the incipient Tiki man's mouth.

Then Sweetie got frustrated with making the rest of the head and I had one of my rare bright ideas; I created a cylindrical prim and skewed the top at about 30 degrees. That gave Mr. Tiki Man a rakish, tiki-like 'tude and made it easy to add eyes, ears, and a flat space to sit on top of his head.

Then Sweetie tweaked my work by giving Mr. Tiki Man mascara and a big copper earring with bling, and suddenly he was complete!

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