Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shoes Up My Butt!

Written 13 June, 2007

Shoes Up My Butt!

I’m REALLY tired of my attachments coming loose when I cross sim borders. And the problem is still here with today's update.

More often than not, I arrived to find my hair and my shoes shoved up my ying-yang, and a lot of the time my jewelry too. My HUDs disappear, too—I don’t even want to THINK about up which body part they’ve been shoved.

When it first started to happen, I spent a lot of time chasing the various items I wear. Then I got the bright idea of putting everything into a single folder which I can drag onto me when I get scrambled. That works reasonably well, sometimes, although at other times things just won’t attach.

You know, local water is no longer disappearing. One would think the Lindens could find a way to fix this much more annoying problem.

Meanwhile, I need someone to help me extricate my shoes.

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