Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paris Redux

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 1900

Unknown Avatar Parachuting

This is How Most People Do It

 Sweetie Jumping Without a Chute

Written 13 June, 2007

Paris 1900 Redux

Sweetie and I took our friends Boofhead Oh and Stargazer Blazer and our new friend Kat to see Paris 1900.

Not being able to fly was still a pain, but we had a good time anyway.

I made four jumps from the Eiffel Tower. I was able to get to the top quickly by reaching out with my camera to sit on the teleporter in the little kiosk in the park at the tower's base. Woo hoo! Saved a lot of walking in six-inch heels!

I died only once, when I bounced against a girder, closing my Terra Chuge 2.3. I landed in a pool of blood, although the visual wasn't quite right, as my AO kept me (and the pool of blood) upright. Wish I had been quick enough to get a shot of it!

Here are two shots of someone parachuting in the convention manner.

And here are two shots of Sweetie parachuting-- or, rather, jumping without a parachute.

Sweetie was particularly enthralled with her second jump.

"I bounced off every girder on the way down! And I landed on a couple making out in the park!"

I can just see it. Romantic Paris. A girl. A guy. A kiss. A battered body thuds to the ground, knocking the two of you willy-nilly and making psychic scars that will doom the relationship.

And then the dead body stands up, excuses itself brightly, and wanders off to make another parachutless jump onto another unsuspecting couple.


With quick camera work, I managed to catch Sweetie as she fell. I've elected not to use the closeups, as they woiuld give away her secret identity, and also because the long-distance snaps better show the scale.

Photos 4 and 5: Sweetie jumping without a chute

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