Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweetie's Art: II. Sweetie's Art

Geisha at Rest

Chey Jumping Off Another Perfectly Good Structure

Notre Dame Cathedral

The Future Gardens

Written 25 June, 2007

Sweetie’s Art

II: Sweetie’s Art

Sweetie goes off into builder’s haze at the strangest times—not only when we see something awesome like an (there are more than one in Second Life, so I say AN instead of THE) Eiffel Tower, but while we’re standing on the beach talking, and even in intimate moments. She requires me to stand absolutely still (difficult when my avatrar insists on looking around and shifting its weight) for long minutes. But the result is worth it.

Sweetie takes STUNNING photos!

Using SL’s built-in switches in the CLIENT menu (check out Wireframe!), shots taken through glass filters, and sometimes positioning the camera in her own head, Sweetie is able to capture unuusal and beautiful images.

Sweetie’s camera control is awesome. It puts mine to shame, and I’ve gotten so good I’m often three or four sims over, checking out what the neighbors are wearing. She can move her camera anywhere, even inside her own head!

I can only say that with her artist’s eye, Sweetie needs to get out into the real world with a good digital or 35mm camera and make some art.

You go Sweetie!

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