Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paris 1900: VI. We Do Windows

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Clear Windows

Change Window Script Working in Several Windows
Written 4 June, 2007

Paris 1900

VI: We Do Windows

I was anxious to see the Moulin Rouge, but Mordecai was understandable eager to try out his little steamboat, so Sweetie and I jumped to Caledon, where we tried unsucsessfully to hitch a ride. (Note to Mordecai, who is one of the few who reads this blog: I noticed the boat was 29 prims. I think the limit for a moveable vehicle is 30, so with the driver in it, there’s no room for anyone else. If the boat is moddable, you can surgically remove a prim and you should be able to take a passenger. You may need to add a sit pose.)

Then we zipped up to Mordecai’s new house in the sky, which looks either like a short dumbell or two testicles on a popsicle stick (not sure which, readers’ comments appreciated). All kidding aside, it’s a stunningly built set of 28-meter spheres, very steampunk-appropriate.

Sweetie, who is the Absolute Mistress of Changeable Windows, showed Mordecai how to set up his many windows (there are about 200) to allow texture changes to the outside, so the windows can be made opaque to passers-by. Finally, it was working, and Sweetie and I left Mordecai happily putting scripts into window prims and headed back to beautiful Pele to make whoopie.

It had been another satisfactory night in Second Life


Phoenix Ellsberg said...

First - I read, and very much enjoy your blog :-)

Second - I love Mordecai's new ... ummm ... house(?) LOL and it definately doesn't look like testicles LOL

Cheyenne Palisades said...

That's one vote, folks! Thanks, Phoenix!