Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweetie's Art: I. Sweetie, Artist

Femme Quintet 2
Written 20 June, 2007

Sweetie’s Art

I. Sweetie, Artist

Back in December, when Sweetie and I first hooked up, she gave me an image on a prim, a sexy shot of her reclining on a couch.

I hung it on the wall of our House of 1000 Pleasures, but it made her a little nervous, so I took it down.

Last weekend, Sweetie participated in an art show. When our friend Boofhead Oh told her about a sim-wide exhibition, she staked out a spot and thew up a backdrop and posted photos she had made of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris 1900 sim—and, more significantly, some beautiful arty shots of us making out.

The photos hung for a week, coming down only on Monday.

Me and Sweetie as art! In public! Undressed! (If filtered through yellow glass).

What a long way we’ve come!

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