Monday, June 11, 2007

On the Apple Tree

Written 11 June, 2007

On the Apple Tree

Lilith Heart, eat your heart out!

I bought a great apple tree at Pillow Talk for only 500 lindens.

It's way cool! The tree is ripe with red fruit, the branches move in the wind, and there are two sit poses and a great climbing and swing from the branch pose. There's also a conveniently-located branch for a swing-- and the swing itself is controllable; you can change the amplitude of the swing!

The tree is now standing on Pele, at a little flat spot overlooking the Forsaken River (Sweetie's suggestion to put it there).

I don't seem to have a photo of me reclining along a branch, but here are some of me on the climbing pose and a shot of me on the swing.

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