Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steam Hunt 5

Written 7 September, 2011

Steam Hunt 5

Prize hunts are huge in Second Life-- and fun, except when someone forgets to put out the prize as promised.

They all work pretty much the same. From a starting point you collect hints which hopefully lead you to prizes, and get directed to the next location. You do this until you reach the last post or tire of the effort. Then you go home and spend a week sorting out your suddenly disorganized and cluttered inventory.

Steam Hunt 5!


You mean we somehow missed the previous four?

Damn! How could that have happened?

Sweetie and I both like steampunk, so of all the possible hunts (and there are many), this one was for us. We spent our weekend together in Second Life searching for small bronze gears that, when purchased for $0L, gave us a steampunk-related prize and a landmark to the next stop on the tour.

We didn't get even nearly done because there are one hundred and ninety four frigging stations! 194!!!

The Steam Hunt runs throughout September, so best get started now.

To participate touch one of the Steam Hunt signs (they're all OVER the place) or head to the first stop here at Mieville Doyle and click the sign for a notecard. The small gear near the sign will give you your first clue.

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