Friday, September 9, 2011

40% Pregnant

Written 8 September, 2011

40% Pregnant

And they say close counts only with horseshoes and hand grenades!

Last weekend Sweetie and I found ourselves at the above stop on the Steam Hunt. Oooh, horses!

As we searched for the little bronze gear that would give us a prize we would doubtless throw away and direct us to the next stop, we passed a corral full of breedable horses.

One, according to its hover text, was 40% pregnant!


I had no idea it WORKED like that!

The horse in question was winking in and out of vision, so I lassoed it with the Edit tool:

One wonders how that 40% things works!

If you happen to find yourself at the place pictured at the top of this blogpost, know there are two gears on the property. One is along the back wall just past the corral. The other is near the sign at bottom center of the photo below:

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