Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh! My! God! Sim Rollback Requested!

Some Parts of Whimsy are Relatively Unaffected

Written 24 September, 2011

Oh! My! God! Sim Rollback Requested!

This afternoon I logged in after a nap to await Sweetie's usual melodramatic entrance.

As I waited I looked at prim usage in the About Land menu. Whimsy has build enabled, and people often leave prims here. I routinely return them.

Today, somehow, some way, I managed to select my own name and return my prims. All of them. Ten thousand of them!

I had hopes of using Phoenix' Restore to Last Position function, but that worked only for some of the grouped objects. Thousands and thousands of objects won't go back to their proper place.

Since it would take months and hundreds of hours of hard work to put everything back into place, and since Whimsy would never again be quite the same, I've asked the Lindens for a sim rollback. I've notified residents and asked them to hold off on setting out no-copy items until the sim is either rolled back or the Lindens (and god, let's hope that doesn't happen) tell me no).

Some Parts are Wiped Out. The Volcano Goddess Pele Is NOT Going to Be Happy!

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