Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Wish List, Two Years On

Written 27 September, 2011

My Wish List, Two Years On

Here's my my top ten wish list from June, 2009, with updates:

1. The ability to have large amounts (thousands) of avatars together in one place and one time. No progress.

2. Smooth handoffs between sims (no lag, no weirdness). Significant improvement, but still a problem.

3. Increase in prim allowance (maybe 40,000, as on other grids). No progress.

4. Decrease in tier ($195 USD sounds like a fair amount for a sim. $295 is too much. No progress.

5. Longer sounds (10 seconds is just not long enough), and zero delay in hearing sounds. No progress.

6. Ability to create bigger prims (100 meters is a reasonable upper limit. 10 meters is ridiculous). ARRIVED!

7. Ablity to teleport with avatar intact to and from other grids. No progress.

8. More attachment points (my sop to the fashionistas amongst us). ARRIVED!

9. More upper and lower clothing layers (another sop). ARRIVED!

10. Double-click on attachments or groups of attachments to attach them. ARRIVED!

So, four of ten are operational, at least if you use a third-party viewer. Not too shabby.

Some things my readers mentioned were group chat-- better, but, not fixed; ability to join more groups-- ARRIVED!-- ability to stretch prims beyond 10 meters-- Arrived! and lots of things that aren't on the radar: things like the ability to drag inventory and other windows to a second monitor; more flexibility in avatar sizing; flexible sculpted prims, and intergrid teleportation with inventory.

We can only hope.


Reema's 2nd Life said...

oh gosh i totally agree with so many of those points!!! great list Chey! :)

Larke said...

Chey, that was indeed a great list, and I am so happy some of the items are now crossed off! I wish the sim-crossing issue would just GO AWAY, and I think it will. I do so hate CHAT LAG...it's really my pet peeve. Maybe one day... lol!
Thanks for the great blog! I always take away some info I can use - or a smile. :-)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Reema! Thanks, Larke!

Although I sort of ignored vehicles my first couple of years in Second Life, I got interested in them after that-- but the fast ones are problematic because one spends all of one's time in sim crossings. For that reason I use mostly slow vehicles like sailboats, scooters, and lighter than air craft, but I sure would love to be able to take my motorcycle and Zero fighter out on a lagless intersim cruise!