Friday, September 23, 2011


I just discovered this piece, which somehow never got posted.

Written 4 February, 2011


Second Life has long had a feature to create outfits, but until the advent of Viewer 2, it was useless. That's because making an outfit would move no-copy clothing items from their original folders to the newly created outfit folder, making a mess of your inventory. Consequently, hardly anyone used the outfits feature.

Viewer 2 brought a huge improvement; rather than move the actual objects to the My Outfits folder, shortcuts are created for each item. The actual items stay where they are, yay!

The third-party Phoenix viewer now supports outfits, and I shouldn't be surprised if Imprudence and Kristen's do, too.I've been having a grand time making outfits.

I can only nest outfits one deep in the My Outfits folder, but even so I'm able to sort them in a way that makes sense. I can now put together some 30 looks in an instant-- complete with hair, skin, HUDs, shoes, and jewelry. I'm making about four outfits a week and will be busy until at least the end of the year, but already life is easier.

Making Outfits

To create your own outfits you'll need to be running Viewer 2 or a recent version of Phoenix (again, maybe Kristen's and Imprudence will have the feature). Dress your avatar, then go into Appearance. Choose Make Outfit. Be sure Use Viewer 2 Outfits is checked, then hit Save and give the outfit a name. Next time you want to wear it just go to My Outfits and choose Replace Outfit. You'll be ready to go in ten seconds or so.

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