Monday, September 5, 2011

Attendance Reaches 100 at Mankind Tracer Pink Floyd Acoustic Tribute Concert

Written 5 September, 2011

Attendance Reaches 100 at Mankind Tracer Pink Floyd Acoustic Tribute Concert

Sweetie went to bed early tonight, but before he did she sent me a landmark to a midnight (our time) concert by Second Life musician Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan in real life). It was to be an acoustic set of Pink Floyd songs.

After Sweetie logged I went downstairs to fix a snack and watch some television, leaving Chey hovering in space. The concert completely slipped my mind.

The ding of the IM bell brought me back upstairs just in time to dress and get to the concert. I arrived five minutes early and was lucky to get in.

I know this isn't a fashion blog, but I might as well tell you, I dressed appropriately.

Chey's Retro '60s Look. Not Shown: GoGo Boots

The music was wonderful, and the place was packed. Mankind has been performing for five years in Second Life, has a huge following. At one point Mankind said the region held 100 avatars, as least 25 more than I ever remember seeing on one sim. Here's a photo taken a few minutes earlier of the statistics panel, showing 92 people present:

If it looks as if I have only $193L, please disregard it. It's a glitch. Everyone knows I'm fabulously wealthy in Second Life. I'm telling you, look away! Do it!

Now say to yourself: Chey is fabulously wealthy.

Lag was surprisingly light for so many avatars wearing lots of scripts. I wasn't able to make fancy with the picture-taking because snapping a photo in a crowded area while my camera is zoomed usually makes me crash, but here's a photo showing how crowded it all looked with nametags turned on:

The concert was held at Dark Side of the Rainbow on the La Bella Bonaire simulator. Dark Side is about all things Pink Floyd. The stage was nice, but I don't recommend you visit the sim if you're prone to flashbacks:

Yes, it's that psychedelic.


Yordie Sands said...

those stats are amazing, Chey. hard to believe life can go on at those levels.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

At a concert one needs only turn on the stream and hold still or jump on a dancing ball. It would be a disaster to have to move!