Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Hanging (Literally)

Sometimes when I'm busy doing things other than Second Life I fly up and just hang in the air-- especially now my second monitor is dead and SL is covered by other windows. If I'm on the ground people sometimes walk by and say hi and I don't realize it, so being in the air is just convenient.

Tonight when I bought Second Life to the front, I realized I had a great perspective of the southwest corner of Whimsy. Without moving my camera I took the photo above.

Then I zoomed out and took this one:

Visible are Whimsy's entry point, several waterfalls, the path to the volcano Pele, Pele herself and her temple, the lower gardens and Whimsy's lagoon, the aboveground portion of the Whimsy Express rail line, the Temple to Bob and Bob himself, Marienn's house on Whimcentricity, and several small islands on Whimsy Kaboom.

In the top photo just above my right shoulder you can see a hot lava boulder Pele has hurled.The black smoke marks its trajectory. It's about to hit the shoulder of the mountain and then roll and tumble into the sea.

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