Friday, February 5, 2010

A Visit to Isla Menorca

Written 5 February, 2010

A Visit to Isla Menorca

Earth's Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands, which lie in the Mediterranean Sea.

In Second Life, Isla Menorca Lies one grid block south of its sister island Mallorca. Maybe someone was holding the map upside down when they placed their island order... I dunno.

Night-before-last, Sweetie took me to Menorca for horseback riding.

Menorca is a nice place, a great use of a Homestead sim, I thought. It features rugged territory with a lot of cliffs and dropoffs. and sea rocks But Sweetie likes a challenge, and so, we rode.

Bottom photo by Sweetie

We soon discovered the island has a feature that facilitates getting from one high point to another and to scenic vantage points; there are at least three invisible bridges.

Here I am, standing in mid-air and enjoying the scenery.

And here I am on my trusty steed Cheyppaloosa.

Okay, okay, it's a temporary name. Give me a break!

Here I am with the same camera position, with Highlight Invisible turned on.

You'll notice Sweetie got in the shot. For a spy obsessed with protecting her secret identity, she's always eager to get in the frame. As soon as she heard my shutter snap, she rode right into the next picture.

Anyway, you'll notice we're standing on an invisible prim. The vertical and also invisible prim at the end of the bridge stopped us from walking off the end and tumbling to our virtual deaths.

Menorca was pretty and peaceful, with beautiful beds of flowers.

A house is gracefully tucked into a hilltop:

Sweetie discovered a sunning cavern tucked into a hillside above a river.

I thought it perhaps the best cave I've yet seen in Second Life.

We took lots of photos on Menorca. My favorite is this one, taken by Sweetie:

My close-ups of Sweetie were unfortunately confiscated by the Teleportation Security Administration in the interest of virtual security.

nb; Isla Mallorca looks interesting on the map, but I was unable to teleport to it.

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