Friday, February 26, 2010

Newbie Training

Written 25 February, 2010

Newbie Training

A few weeks ago, while flying about, Sweetie and I came to a place where real-life construction workers are taught safety skills in Second Life.

Then these pictures started rolling in. These were all taken and captioned by Sweetie.

I'm still laughing.

Bob the Bozo, Can He Get Hurt? Bob the Bozo, YES HE CAN!
Or Hands Inside the Guard, Bob!

This Looks Like a Good Place to Stand
Or Da Da Dummm! Arrrgh!

It's Only a Flesh Wound! Come Back Here and Fight!
Or If I Weren't Tethered to This Scaffolding You'd Be in BIG Trouble!

Look at the Men Happy to Be Going Over For Their Hard Hats!
Or Daydreaming About His New Freenis

Oh, No, a Dangerous Congregation of Newbies!
Or Fence 'em Off Quick Before They See the Freenis Vendor and Stampede!

Okay, Let's Review That Footage One More Time and Learn
What Bob Could Have Done to Protect His Freenis

Port-O-Potties! Do We Really Need Port-O-Potties?
Or Where You Go to Attach Your First Freenis

Synchronized Ladder Diving
Or The Crowd Hushed as the Amazing Garbanzo Brothers Prepared Double Backflips
With a Twist Off Construction Ladders, Difficulty 10.0

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