Monday, February 1, 2010

Bird Attack, Forestalled

Written 1 February, 2010

Bird Attack, Forestyled

Everywhere we've gone lately, Sweetie and I have been menaced by animals.

On Friday night we went to a store called Fellini's to look at gowns.

The dresses were beautiful, but we were really taken by the signs, many of which featured birds.

My favorite sign featured these turkey vultures:

At least I think they're turkey vultures. They look like turkey vultures to me.

I'm going to be so embarrassed if they're really eagles.

But I don't THINK they're eagles.

Do YOU think they're eagles?

Whew! I was worried for a minute there!

Anyway, Fellini's proprietress, Joy Fellini, clearly likes birds.

Which pretty much explains why she had the guard birds.

They were mean. They were nasty. And they had their eyes on us. Especially this one:

Before it could attack I sat on it. My theory was screening it with my skirts would put it to sleep-- just like putting a cover over a bird cage.

I have to say, that bird looked eerily familiar.

It was Sweetie who figured it out-- it was a much-enlarged bird from Happy Mood, like the ones in our gardens, but transmorgrified.

It must have worked, for we weren't attacked.

I wish I could say the same about the badgers.

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